An Ivy League Experience for All Children: Part II

A friend of mine invited me to her daughter’s 8th grade promotion ceremony, but she told me, “they call it a Gateway.” After attending multiple promotions for my six nephew and nieces, I pretty much knew what to expect. Or so I thought. A Gateway to Excellence The Gateway took place on campus, but instead of being in a general auditorium filled with families and friends, it was in a classroom. And it was my friend’s daughter’s- I’ll call her Mary – own personal Gateway. Not the entire 8th grade class. Interesting.  I walked in and found a seat in […]

An Ivy League Experience for All Children: Part I

When I think about the type of education I want for my kids – any child – I want them to have an ivy league experience.  No, I am not advocating that they attend schools that are known for their “ivy-ness”, but for what they have the opportunity to do at those schools. Here is a list of some of the characteristics, not exhaustive, but ones that I believe represent the Ivy League experience. Characteristics of the Ivy League Experience Student – centered – The student is the focus. The education builds on the strengths and stretches of the child. […]