Guest Blog: A Winning Mindset for Your Child, by Jordan Mercedes

How do you define a win or success for your child? For many, the goal is set too far in front of them. They work toward that goal with the evaluation given at the end, telling them either they achieved or failed. Try again another time. That’s how most of us learned how to goal set. However, you can help your child create a winning mindset by changing how they think about and how they achieve a goal. Developing a Winning Mindset Our mind is wired to build on what we focus on, for this reason when you are helping […]

An Ivy League Experience for All Children: Part II

A friend of mine invited me to her daughter’s 8th grade promotion ceremony, but she told me, “they call it a Gateway.” After attending multiple promotions for my six nephew and nieces, I pretty much knew what to expect. Or so I thought. A Gateway to Excellence The Gateway took place on campus, but instead of being in a general auditorium filled with families and friends, it was in a classroom. And it was my friend’s daughter’s- I’ll call her Mary – own personal Gateway. Not the entire 8th grade class. Interesting.  I walked in and found a seat in […]

An Ivy League Experience for All Children: Part I

When I think about the type of education I want for my kids – any child – I want them to have an ivy league experience.  No, I am not advocating that they attend schools that are known for their “ivy-ness”, but for what they have the opportunity to do at those schools. Here is a list of some of the characteristics, not exhaustive, but ones that I believe represent the Ivy League experience. Characteristics of the Ivy League Experience Student – centered – The student is the focus. The education builds on the strengths and stretches of the child. […]